Bioven Ingredients D-Aspartic Acid

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Cas No. :- 1783-96-6

Description :-Bioven Ingredients is a Leading Supplier of  D-Aspartic acid, A non-essential amino acid found in animals and humans, which is not used to make protein, as it is used in other body functions such as brain which helps in transmission of nerve signals in to the brain .

Commercial Use :- The commercial use of D-Aspartic Acid is that it is used in the production of nutritional supplements of amino acids ,artificial sweetener and the active ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics products . 

Benefits :- The benefit of D-Aspartic Acid is that it can increase the release of a hormone in the brain that will hepl in the production of testosterone . And it also plays a important role in increasing testosterone production and release in the testicles .