Bioven Ingredients Milk Protein Concentrate


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Cas No.:- 9013-90-5

Description:- Milk protein concentrates (MPCs) are complete dairy proteins that differ in protein content from 42% to 85% and contain both casein and whey proteins. Milk Protein Concentrate can be made through ultrafiltration or by combining various dairy components. As a result of its high protein to lactose ratio, Milk Protein Concentrate is suitable for low-carbohydrate foods and beverages.

Commercial Use:- Milk protein concentrates (MPCs) is widely used in Food & Beverage Industry, Dairy Industry,  Confectionery & Bakery Industry.


- Improve the functional qualities of food, such as low viscosity, high solubility,

- Milk protein provides a slower release of protein

- Ability to bind water, foaming, heat tolerance, and emulsion stability in food products.