Bioven Ingredients Lactose Powder

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Cas No.- 10039-26-6

Description:- Bioven Ingredients is the Leading supplier of Lactose in India. Lactose is also called as Milk Sugar that is naturally present in milk and dairy products like cheese and ice cream. We are the Leading distributor of Lactose in India. Lactose is a Disaccharide sugar synthesized by glucose & galactose. We are one of the Global supplier of Lactose in more than 25+ countries. Lactose is a natural sugar & added sugar found in milk that has uses in drugs and food. Lactose acts as Energy-carrier in milk. Bioven Ingredients is the Global Exporter of Lactose.

Commercial Use:- Lactose Powder is widely used in Food Industry, Beverage Industry as well as Pharmaceutical Industry.


  • It increases absorption of minerals.
  • Used as constituent of foods and medicinal products.
  • It contributes to the energy requirement.
  • Used as sweetener or stabilizer.