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Cas No. :- 532-32-1

Description:- Bioven Ingredients is the leading supplier Sodium bicarbonate reduces stomach acid. It is used as an antacid to treat heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach. Sodium bicarbonate is a very quick-acting antacid. It should be used only for temporary relief. If you need to treat long-term stomach acid problems (such as peptic ulcer disease, GERD), talk with your doctor about other medications. Sodium bicarbonate is the active ingredient in baking soda.

Commercial use: It is widely used in drilling industry.

Benefits: The Benefits of sodium bicarbonate are-

  • It is used in pest control.
  • It is used in cosmetic.
  • Its is used for cosmetic purpose.
  • It is used as a cleanser
  • It is used in gastronomy.