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Cas No.: 9013-90-5

Form: Powder

Bioven Ingredients is leading supplier of Milk Protein Concentrate Powder. Filtering is used to create Milk Protein Concentrate. Skim milk and cream must be separated from the milk before the MPC protein can be extracted. From there, the skim milk can be concentrated to just include the whey and casein components needed by food manufacturers. The casein to whey ratio can occasionally be changed depending on the goal. However, in its purest form, the proportion is the same as that of milk. Milk Protein Concentrate can be made through ultrafiltration or by combining various dairy components. As a result of its high protein to lactose ratio, Milk Protein Concentrate is suitable for low-carbohydrate foods and beverages.


  •  Milk protein provides a slower release of protein.
  • Improve the functional qualities of food, such as low viscosity, high solubility.
  • Ability to bind water, foaming, heat tolerance, and emulsion stability in food products.

Commercial Uses:

  • Baking: Milk protein concentrate helps certain baked foods brown better, which makes them seem prettier.
  • Meats: In applications where meat is salted, MPC can function as an emulsifier. Thus, MPC has the ability to produce and maintain fat emulsion.
  • Dairy: Milk protein concentrate thickens various dairy products, like yogurts, cheeses, and sauces, by adding the necessary amount of viscosity.
  • Desserts: MPC is used in a variety of meringues and icings to enhance their flavor. You can use the item to make a bubble film of sorts.

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