Beta Glucanase Enzyme-125Gm

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Cas No.:  9074-98-0

Enzyme Activity: 40000 u/gm

Form: Powder

Bioven Ingredients is one of the Leading manufacturer of Beta Glucanase Enzyme. Beta glucanase causes the hydrolyzation of β-glucans which are the sugars present in microorganism cell walls for plants like barley and oats.. Beta Glucanase is an essential enzyme required for the brewing industry's malting process

Bioven Ingredients is the Leading manufacturer & supplier of Beta Glucanase Enzyme. Glucanases are enzymes that break down large polysaccharides via hydrolysis. The product of the hydrolysis reaction is called a glucan, a linear polysaccharide made of up to 1200 glucose monomers, held together with glycosidic bonds.This enzyme β-glucanase is used to degrade the glucans present in the grain before brewing starts thereby improving the product yield and filtration efficiency and improving the visual appearance of the brewed beer. We are one of the top manufacturer, supplier & distributor of Beta Glucanase Enzyme.

Commercial Use:

Beta Glucanase Enzyme is comprehensively used in various pharmaceutical, food and feed industries, baking, juice, vegetable processing, fats, oils, and energy sector for biofuel production and in natural gas conversion. 

  • It is widely used on large scale in the preparation in Beer & Wine Industry.
  • Works primarily in the malting and mashing process.
  • Improve the nutritional value of the food and enhance the germination properties of the seeds.
  • It also controls the viscosity (liquid).
  • Improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in Animal Feed.

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