Bioven Ingredients Aspartame

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Cas No. :- 22839-47-0

Description :- Bioven Ingredients is the Leading Supplier of Aspartame that has an intense, low-calorie and artificial sweetener. It is a white, odourless powder . It is used as a food additives in food-stuffs such as drinks, desserts, sweets, dairy, chewing gums, energy-reducing and weight control products and as a table-top sweetener. It is 200 times sweeter than sucrose .

Commercial Use :- The commercial use of Aspartame is that it is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener in Food Industries and it is also used in Beverages Industries .

Benefits :- The benefits of Aspartame is that :-

  • Tastes Sweet and Clean
  • Enhances and Extends Flavors
  • Does Not Promote Tooth Decays
  • It is beneficial in weight control