Bioven Ingredients Bacterial Lipase Enzyme Powder-125gm

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Cas No:  9001-62-1

Enzyme Activity: 50000 U/gm

Form: Powder

Lipase is a type of feed enzyme that is produced using efficient post-abstracting technology in conjunction with deep-layer liquid fermentation of fine strains. In addition to catalyzing fat synthesizing and ester exchange activities simultaneously, lipase can hydrolyze triglyceride or fatty acid esters and produce mono- or di-glycerides and free fatty acid. It can also hydrolyze natural oil into fatty acid and glycerol.

Lipase's functions:

  1. Make up for the endogenous lipase deficit. Exogenous lipase can enhance fat consumption and digestibility, facilitate better digestion, and establish the groundwork for future growth.
  2. Enhance feed conversion, lower feed costs, and improve fat consumption and digestibility. Increasing production performance and fat and lipid utilization can be achieved by supplementing with exogenous lipase.
  3. Boost output and enhance the quality of the meat. By include lipase in the daily ration, meat quality is raised, muscle marbling, color, softness, flavor, and water binding capability are all improved. Additionally, the fatty acid concentration between muscles is increased.
  4. Enhance the usage and absorption of other trace elements and liposoluble vitamins.


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