Bioven Ingredients Bacterial Protease Enzyme Powder-125gm

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Cas No: 9001-92-7

Enzyme Activity: 100,000 U/gm

Form: Powder

Bacterial Protease helps to degrade the protein content present in the feed. Protein in feed materials can be effectively hydrolyzed, increasing the rate at which protein is utilised. On protein anti-nutritional factors like antigen protein, it also has a good breakdown impact.

In the animal's stomach, protease is important because it works with pepsin to break down the protein in raw feed ingredients.

Proteases are a class of enzymes that degrade proteins into their component amino acids or into shorter polypeptide chains. They are also sometimes referred to as peptidases or proteinases. Proteases are frequently employed in commercial settings as a food tenderizer and as an ingredient in laundry detergents. When released by fungus and bacteria into the environment, they are crucial for the recycling of nitrogen and carbon. This protease works well on a variety of proteins and comes from a bacterial source.

In order to remove hair from the skin without causing damage, the technique of dehairing leather involves the use of enzymes that catalyze the proteolytic cleavage of the cementing components. Applying a variety of enzymes, including lipases, amylases, and proteases, can aid in enzymatic dehairing.
The best options for effectively dehairing hides in the leather industry are alkaline proteases derived from Bacillus species.


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