Bioven Ingredients Beta Amylase Enzyme Powder-125GM

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Cas No: 9000-91-3

Enzyme Activity: 40000u/gm

Form Powder

Description:  Bioven Ingredients is the leading supplier of Beta Amylase Enzyme Powder. Beta Amylase is an important enzyme as it cleaves two bound glucose molecules (maltose) from the reducing end of the chain. The activity of beta-amylase is most important during the first stage of brewing (mashing) to produce sufficient maltose, the most important fermentable sugar.

Commercial Use: Starch-converting enzymes are used in the production of maltodextrin, modified starches, or glucose and fructose syrups. A large number of microbial α-amylases has applications in different industrial sectors such as food, textile, paper and detergent industries.

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