Bioven Ingredients Fungal Acid Protease Enzyme Powder-125GM

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Cas No: 9025-49-4

Enzyme Activity: 100,000 U/gm

Form: Powder

Bioven Ingredients is a Leading Proteases are enzymes capable of cleaving peptide bonds. Acid proteases are produced by a number of different organisms including mammals and microbes. For instance, microbial acid proteases are produced by bacterial strains such as strains of
Bacillus sp. and fungal strains.

Proteases are a class of enzymes that degrade proteins into their component amino acids or into shorter polypeptide chains. They are also sometimes referred to as peptidases or proteinases. Proteases are frequently employed in commercial settings as a food tenderizer and as an ingredient in laundry detergents. When released by fungus and bacteria into the environment, they are crucial for the recycling of nitrogen and carbon. This protease works well on a variety of proteins and comes from a Fungal source.

Particularly acid proteases are widely used in industrial applications, e.g., in the preparation of food and feed, in the leather industry (e.g., to dehair hides), in the production of protein hydrolysates, and in the production of alcohols, such as ethanol production, wine production and brewing.


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