Bioven Ingredients Curd Powder

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Cas No.:- 8050-05-3

Description:- Curd powder has a moderate, salty flavor and is a free-flowing cream colour. In most recipes, it can be used in place of liquid curd. While being less expensive, more useful, and having a longer shelf life. Curd powder has the same flavor as liquid curd.

Commercial Use:- Curd Powder is utilised to provide the end product nourishment and flavor. Ice cream, frozen sweets, soups, savory snacks, instant food items, and seasonings are all made with this product.


-Baby food and meals for children.
-Foods that are low in fat.
-Protein is abundant.
-Digestive Wellness.
-Improve Immune System.
-Advantageous for Heart Health.
-Encourage weight management.