Bioven Ingredients Aerosil (Silicon Dioxide)

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Cas No. :- 7631-86-9

Description :- Bioven Ingredients is the Leading Supplier of Arosile (Silicon Dioxide) that is also known as silica . It’s even found naturally in the tissues of the human body. Though it’s unclear what role it plays, it’s thought to be an essential nutrient our bodies need. Silicon dioxide is also added to many foods and supplements. 

Commercial Use :- The commercial use of Arosil (Silicon Dioxide) It is particularly popular in silicone sealant and rubber formulations as it improves mechanical reinforcement and imparts pseudoplasticity . 

Benefits :- The benefits of Arosil (Silicon Dioxide) is that :-

  • Provides effective free flow and anti-caking behaviour.
  • Improves mechanical and optical properties of silicone rubber.
  • Improves anti-corrosion performance of protective and marine coatings.