Bioven Ingredients Bacterial Amylase Enzyme Powder-125GM

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Cas No: 9014-71-5

Enzyme Activity: 50000 U/gm

Form: Powder

Bioven Ingredients is Leading Supplier of Bacterial Amylase Enzyme Powder. It has high concentrates of alpha-amylase, along with moderate amounts of protease and hemicellulase, which are included in the water-dispersible blend of extracts found in Bacillus subtilis. The people in agriculture love bacterial amylase because it has a shelf life of up to one year and the temperature stability it maintains. It also reduces starch suspensions at a rapid rate. 

The temperature stability works excellently in the process of breaking down starch. Alpha-amylase is another ingredient put into the mix which acts as an endo-acting amylase. This statement means starch will rapidly become degraded as the alpha-amylase enzyme goes through the starch components.
As a concentrated source of hydrolytic (degrading) enzymes which can be used in a great variety of industrial and enzyme‐bearing animal feed supplements.


Uses:  As a concentrated source of hydrolytic (degrading) enzymes which can be used in a great variety of industrial and enzyme‐bearing animal feed supplements. Bacterial Amylase is particularly useful in industrial and agricultural processing applications because of its high degree of stability.


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