Bioven Ingredients Bacterial Xylanase Enzyme Powder-125gm

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Cas No: 9025-57-4

Enzyme Activity: 50000 U/gm

Form: Powder

For non-ruminant animals, xylan is an indigestible substance that increases the viscosity of chyme and inhibits the absorption of protein and energy, hence having a major antinutritional effect. Feed cost reductions can be minimized and xylan anti-nutrition eliminated by using xylanase in diets.Bacterial xylanase is an enzyme that functions in the breakdown and degradation of complex plant polysaccharides known as xylans. Xylans are a major component of plant cell walls and are composed of xylose units linked together. The primary role of bacterial xylanase is to cleave the glycosidic bonds between these xylose units, ultimately converting xylans into simpler sugars, such as xylose.


  • Animal Feed: Improves digestibility of feed for poultry, swine, and cattle
  • Brewing: Breaks down complex carbohydrates in barley for improved beer production 
  • Bakery: Enhances dough strength, texture, and volume
  • Detergent: Improves washing performance and reduces soil build-up on fabrics 
  • Textile: Removes xylan-based dyes and finishes from textiles
  • Paper: Improves paper quality and reduces bleaching chemicals
  • Biofuel Production: Breaks down biomass into simple sugars for biofuel production 
  • Food Processing: Clarifies and stabilizes fruit and vegetable juices


  • Protein recycling and degradation
  • Digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Immune system function
  • Proteolytic activity
  • Cancer treatment
  • Inflammation regulation
  • Gut health maintenance
  • Antimicrobial activity

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