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Cas No.: 84929-61-3

Bioven Ingredients is a leading supplier of Carrot Fruit Extract Powder. It is vitamin A insufficiency, carrot root is utilized. In addition, it is used to treat obesity, nutrient deficiencies, digestive issues, and other illnesses; however, there is little scientific data to support these additional uses. It is also claimed to prevent cancer. Carrot roots are edible when boiling, fried, steamed, or raw. You can consume carrot root on its own or use it into cakes, puddings, jams, or preserves. Another way to cook carrot root is as a juice. Raw or cooked carrot leaves are both edible.


  • Help Promote Healthy Vision
  • Helps Improve Immunity
  • Carrot extract's antioxidants aid in the removal of free radicals and support uniform skin tone.
  • Beta-carotene, one of the many antioxidants found in carrots, may help lower the chance of developing some chronic diseases.

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