Bioven Ingredients Cinnamon Dry (Dalchini) Extract

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Cas No.: 84961-46-6

Bioven Ingredients is a leading supplier Cinnamon Dry Extract. It is believed that cinnamon extract helps with digestive, gynecological, and respiratory conditions. Studies on cinnamon have shown that it contains dietary fiber, carbs, and polyphenols. Iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, etc. The polyphenols in cinnamon extract operate as antioxidants, decreasing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and enhancing cardiovascular health beacause of its high antioxidant content, cinnamon can help maintain normal blood sugar levels and strengthen a strong immune system.


  • Serves as an appetizer and promotes overall health.
  • Aids in reducing fever and clearing excess mucus.
  • Aids in decreasing intestinal spasms and flatulence.
  • It enhances blood circulation in general and immunity.

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