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Cas No.: 8028-89-5

Form: Powder

Bioven Ingredients is leading supplier of Jalapeno Powder. Jalapeno Powder is a versatile and flavorful spice made from ground, dried jalapeno peppers. This versatile seasoning adds a subtle yet spicy kick to a wide range of dishes, including soups, stews, marinades, and even homemade seasoning blends. It's an excellent choice for those who enjoy the taste of jalapenos but prefer a more controlled heat level compared to using fresh peppers.


  • Versatile and flavorful spice
  • Adds a subtle, controlled heat to dishes
  • Made from ground, dried jalapeno peppers
  • Perfect for soups, stews, marinades, and homemade seasoning blends
  • Convenient alternative to fresh Jalapenos Powder.

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  • On-time Delhivery
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