Bioven Ingredients Tartaric Acid Powder- 125gm

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Cas No.: 87-69-4

Form: Powder

Bioven Ingredients is leading supplier of Tartaric Acid Powder. Tartaric acid produced from calcium tartrate obtained from grapes or other fruits or from various fermentations. The main role of tartaric acid in baking powder is to avoid the bitter taste by neutralizing the sodium carbonate produced by baking powder. Nature contains large amounts of Tartaric acid, particularly in fruits. It is mostly produced as a byproduct of the wine industry for commercial purposes. It is a common food additive found in candy, soft drinks, and baked goods. utilized as a resolving agent, sour agent, and raw material in pharmaceuticals. The manufacturing of ceramics, tanning, tartrate esters for lacquers, and textile printing are examples of industrial applications. utilized in the tanning business as a masking agent, biochemical reagent, and beer foaming agent. 


  • It act as Anticeptic Agent
  • It helps in Digestion
  • It helps to boost Immune System
  • It helps to lower Blood Pressure.

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