Bioven Ingredients Bread Improver Xylanase Enzyme (Powder)

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Bioven Xylanase preparation for the treatment of flours. The enzyme is obtained from specific cultures of Aspergillus niger

CAS-No.: 9025-57-4
Enzyme Activity: 1700 XylH g-1

Bioven Xylanase is used for the treatment of flour. It can be added to bread improvers, which are used in the baking of breads and rolls. It have excellent properties to improve dough and fermentation stability and baking volume. Flour treatment with Bioven Xylanase ensures dry and fluffy doughs, easily processable doughs and a better break-and-shred.

  • •Bioven Ingredients Xylanase Enzyme used for the treatment of flour.
  • •Bioven Ingredients Xylanase improves the gluten strength.
  • •Bioven Ingredients Xylanase Enzyme Used in flour treatment for bread powder and steam bread powder production.
  • •Xylanase enzyme hydrolyze of glycosidic bonds di-, oligo-, polysaccharides.

Dosage: 3-5 gram/100kg flour t(he optimum dosage should be determined by means of
              baking tests)