Bioven Ingredients Laccase Enzyme Powder- 125GM

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Cas No: 80498-15-3

Enzyme Activity: 2000 U/g

Description: Bioven Ingredients produces and manufactures high purity Laccase Enzyme. Applications of Laccase. Laccase is important because it oxidizes both the toxic and nontoxic substrates. It is utilized in textile industry, food processing industry, wood processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and chemical industry.

Commercial Use: 

  • Improving paper strength and brightness
  • Bioremediation of pollutants
  • Textile finishing for colorfastness and durability
  • Food and beverage production for flavor, texture, and color
  • Biocatalysis for biofuels, bioplastics, and bio-based chemicals
  • Water treatment for pollutant removal
  • Biodegradation of organic pollutants
  • Pharmaceutical production for stability and efficacy
  • Biological fuel cells for energy conversion
  • Tissue engineering for biodegradable scaffolds


  • Uses to enhance various baking ingredients' properties.
  • Used in beverage processing, baking, stabilization of wine and beer & sugar beet pectin gelation.

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