Bioven Ingredients Pectinase Enzyme Powder

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Cas No: 9001-73-4 

Enzyme Activity- 30,000u/g

Description: Bioven Ingredients is the Leading Supplier of Pectinase Enzyme that is the most important use of pectinase enzyme is in fruit juice industry, it help in not only the extraction of juice (especially apple and sapota) but also in making the juice transparent as it breakdown the pectin which is present in the cell wall of the plants and fruits. Few other uses of pectinase are - degumming plant fibre, oil extraction, beverage industry, paper & pulp industry, bioremediation, etc.

Commercial Use: Fruit juice extraction and clarification is the most common industrial application for pectinases. Pectin contribute to the viscosity and turbidity of fruit juice. Fruit juices are clarified using a combination of pectinases and amylases.

Benefits: Pectinase acts on pectin and breaks the bonds between two galacturonic acids. Pectinase helps for a better digestion of fruits and vegetables. Pectinase is an enzyme that breaks down the pectin present in the walls of the plant cells that make up fruit and vegetables.