Bioven Ingredients (Bio-Pec) Pectinase Enzyme

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Cas No. :- 9032-75-1

Enzyme Activity: 30,000 U/g

Description :- Bioven Ingredients is the Leading Supplier of Pectinase Enzyme. It is an enzyme that breaks down pectin in a polysaccharides found in plant cell wall . It is useful because pectin is the jelly-like matrix that helps cement plant cells together and in which other cell wall components . 

Commercial Use:- The commercial use of Pectinase Enzyme is that fruit juice extraction, degumming of plant fiber, waste water treatment, oil extraction, coffee and tea fermentation, paper and pulp industry.

 Benefits :- The benefits of Pectinase Enzyme is that :-

  • Pectinase are commonly used process involving the degradation of plant material, such as speeding up the extraction of fruit juice from fruit.
  • Pectinase is also used in wine production.
  • Pectinase enzyme helps to clarify fruit juices.
  • Pectinase enzyme increases the yield of fruit juice.