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CAS No. :- 80146-85-6

Enzyme Activity: 100 U/g
Description: Transglutaminase enzyme catalyzes that the bond formation between free amino acids causing inter- or intramolecular cross linking in proteins which enhances the color, texture and solidness of the substrate/product. They are of huge significance in food industry and most widely used on soy, caseins, glutens, etc.

  • Transglutaminase used to improve the texture and appearance of foods like processed meats.
  • transglutaminase is used to improve the quality of flour, the texture and volume of bread.
  • Transglutaminase is an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of cross-links both within a protein molecule and between molecules of different proteins.
  • Transglutaminase-modified casein makes it possible to manufacture dairy products with better structure and consistency.

Commercial Use: 

  1. Food Industry: Improves texture and shelf life of food products, such as bread, pastries, sausages, and hams.
  2. Meat processing: TG is used to improve the texture and water-holding capacity of meat products, such as sausages and hams.
  3. Bakery products: TG is used to improve the shelf life and texture of bakery products, such as bread and pastries.
  4. Biomedical Applications: Promotes tissue repair and regeneration, inhibits tumor growth, and induces apoptosis in cancer cells.
  5. Pharmaceutical Applications: Modifies protein structure and function, purifies proteins, and creates biodegradable materials.
  6. Biotechnology Applications: Improves biofuel production efficiency, degrades environmental pollutants, and creates new bioproducts.


  • Meat binding and tenderization
  • Bread improvement and texture modification
  • Cake and pastry dough improvement
  • Fermentation of dairy products
  • Texturization of plant-based protein sources
  • Food processing aids
  • Food preservation
  • Bakery products
  • Meat-free products

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