Bioven Ingredients Cellulose acetate phthalate (CAP)

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Cas No. :- 9004-38-0

Description :- Bioven Ingredients is the Leading Supplier of Cellulose Acetate phthalate (CAP), also known as cellacefate and cellulosi acetas phthalas, is a commonly used polymer phthalate in the formulation of pharmaceuticals . 

Commercial Use :- The commercial use of Cellulose acetate phthalate (CAP) is that it is cellulose ester derivative that is widely used as an enteric polymer coating in the pharmaceutical industry . 

Benefits :- The benefits of Cellulose acetate phthalate (CAP) is that microencapsulation agent, Such coatings resist prolonged contact with the strongly acidic gastric fluid, but dissolve in the mildly acidic or neutral intestinal environment.