Bioven Ingredients Dietary Wheat Fiber

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Cas No.:- 116469-86-4.

Description:- Dietary Wheat Fiber is an isolated dietary fiber which is obtained from the bran of the wheat grain. The fiber that found in wheat bran is arabinoxylan (70%) that is a type of hemicellulose. The amount of dietary fiber in wheat ranges from 9-20% of the kernel by weight. It is high in soluble fiber, which helps to prevent constipation. As a dietary supplement wheat fiber is off-white dietary fiber concentrate which obtained from the wheat plant. 

Commercial use:- Dietary wheat fiber used to improve the health of the hair and skin as personal care products. It is used as a source of dietary fiber for preventing colon diseases.


-Help to prevent or treat constipation.

-Good for Heart health.

-Weight Management.

-Lower Down Blood Pressures.