Bioven Ingredients Ethyl Cellulose

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Cas No.:- 9004-57-3

Description:- Ethyl Cellulose is primarily utilised as a thin-film coating substance for coating paper, vitamin, and pharmaceutical pills, as well as for thickeners in cosmetics and industrial operations. One of the few non-toxic films and thickeners that is not water soluble is food grade Ethyl Cellulose.

Commercial use:- Ethyl Cellulose used as Binder, Filler, Film-former, Flavored fixative, Coating agent, or Stabilizer.


-It creates serums that are incredibly clear and efficiently distribute active ingredients to        skin.
-It can be added to cleansers to greatly improve their performance.
-It regulates the product flow, which has an impact on the formulation's uniformity.
 Also, it in detergents and floor cleaners.