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Cas No.:- 9025-67-6

Description:- Inulinase enzyme catalyzes the breakdown of Inulin (a prebiotic) which is a polysaccharide called fructan. Inulin is a chain of fructose molecules, and when inulinase hydrolyses it then fructose molecules are released along with glucose and inulooligosaccharide, which are further utilized for different purposes.
Prime industrial use:

  • Production of bioethanol,
  • Production of single-cell protein
  • Fructose syrup production

Commercial Use:- Inulinase Enzyme is widely used as sweetener in Pharmaceutical Industry and Food Industry. This enzyme is also used for syrup production in Food Industry.


  • Improves Digestion.
  • Lower Cholesterol Level.
  • Used as Sweetening Agent.

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