Bioven Ingredients Xylanase Enzyme (Powder)-Feed Grade

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Cas No: 37278-89-0

Enzyme Activity: 100,000 U/g

Bioven Ingredients is one of the Leading manufacturer of Xylanase Enzyme (Feed grade). Bioven Ingredients Xylanase enzymes (Feed grade) is to break down xylans, a type of non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) found in the cell walls of corn and other grains, so that they are more easily digested by poultry and swine.Xylanase Effectively Degrade Xylan, Reduce Chyme Viscosity And Improve Nutrient Digestibility. It helps in increasing the weight gain of the bird, properdigestion and absorption of fat improvement in wet litter conditions. Now Buy best quality Xylanase Enzyme (Feed grade) at an affordable price. We emerges as one of the top manufacturer, supplier & distributor of Xylanase Enzyme (Feed grade).

Functions of Xylanase (Feed grade):

1. Break down the structure of the cell wall, especially xylan, reduce the viscosity of chyme in the intestinal tract, and improve the digestion efficiency of nutrients.

2. Improve energy utilization, reduce feed costs and improve feed quality.

3. Generate a large number of xylo-oligosaccharides, improve gut health, and stimulate animal performance.

    Commercial Use: Xylanase is widely used in paper and pulp industry as well as in food processing.

    Benefits: Xylanase Enzyme is widely used within both swine and poultry production to reduce intestinal viscosity and improve digestive utilization of nutrients.