Bioven Ingredients Natural Phosphorus Powder

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Cas No.: 7723-14-0

Form: Powder

Source: Papaya Leaves Extract

Bioven Ingredients is Leading Supplier of Natural Phosphorus Powder. Phosphorus derived from papaya leaves extract is a natural source of this essential mineral. Papaya leaves have been used in traditional medicine for various health benefits, and the extract may contain bioactive compounds that provide nutritional value. Phosphorus is essential to the growth of plants. It plays a crucial role in biological processes. Phosphorus is a key component in the structure of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which serves as the primary energy currency in cells, and is also an integral part of DNA and RNA, the molecules responsible for storing and transmitting genetic information.

Ideally Suited For:

  • Health-conscious people
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Natural alternatives
  • Vegan and vegetarian diets


  • It helps in keeping bones and teeth strong
  • It Improves brain function
  • It help to improve digestion
  • It helps in the flow of energy
  • Helps to reapir and maintain body cells.

Commercial Uses:

  1. Food additive
  2. Feed additives
  3. Sport Supplement
  4. Cosmetics surfactants
  5. Health product,Nutrition enhancer
  6. Pharmaceutical ingredient, such as for capsules, tablets oral.

Why Bioven Ingredients Natural Phosphorus Powder??

  • Fresh Batch
  • On-time Delhivery
  • 100% Naturally Sourced Phosphorus
  • High Quality Durable Zip-lock Packaging
  • ZERO Fillers, Additives, Synthetic Ingredients, Colors & Flavors.

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